Thank you for your interest in the events being hosted by the FAME Partnership. The events are development opportunities aimed at capacity building for the multi-agency partnership working agenda:

Current Events include:

  • FAME Masterclass in association with Public Sector Forums (mid 2007)
  • Post Graduate Certificate in Multi-Agency Partnership working (Part-Time Distance Learning from mid 2007)

FAME is also providing bespoke courses and events to interested parties. If you are interested in discussing such an event contact FAME enquiries [email protected]

During the last phase of the project members of the FAME partnership presented to over a 1000 delegates at a range of conferences and events on Information Sharing issues including: Public Sector Forums, eGov Monitor, SoCITM, Ark-Media, KableNet, Capita Conferences, London Business Conferences, Integrated Care Network, IDeA, ADSS and BJHC. If you are interested in having a member of the FAME partnership speak at your event about meeting the challenges of multi-agency partnership working please contact [email protected]