FAME Tool Kit

FAME seeks to build capacity and provide support to local and regional partnership working (with regional change agents) and with the opportunity to learn more about the application of the FAME toolkit. To do this interested parties should enrol on a FAME capacity building course or join the FAME supported communities of practice

FAME toolkit

The FAME toolkit consists of interactive web-based materials that enable users to make sense of, and benefit from the learning from the three phases of the FAME project. It currently consists of three products (A Readiness Assessment Tool, Generic Framework guidance and the Demonstrator platform). Those using the tools are able to undertake an analysis of their current situation to provide practical steps to implementing multi-agency working. This comprises of two phases of activity:

  • Visioning and Planning (Building the basis of a ‘mirror’ – to reflect the current situation - and a ‘window’ – through which to view the future)
  • Representation, Specification and Partnership configuration (Using the ‘mirror’ and the ‘window’ to enact partnership working)

FAME approach to Capacity Building

The challenge of multi-agency partnership working is ongoing. Learning how tackle these issues requires a key set of skills and competencies. The FAME partnership has developed a set of resources to support those charged with the delivery of transformation in service delivery. A range of courses is available including Master classes and longer Post Graduate Certificates. The FAME supported communities of practice has been launched to support those working on the partnership working agenda. For more information see the FAME capacity building section