Why Should I be interested?


There are significant benefits to be gained from using the tools provided by FAME. They can be used to assess and improve the processes and technology you use to handle interactions with other agencies. Communication between agencies can be much more rapid; staff time can be used more effectively and ICT technology can provide audit and escalation procedures that help ensure appropriate governance mechanisms can be developed.

One of the challenges of multi-agency working is the sheer range of perspectives on the nature and characteristics of the problem. The Generic Framework guidance has been created using nine core headings which cover the range of issues in multi-agency working. The guidance also needs to be accessible to the range of stakeholders involved in the community. Therefore it has been created to be as general as possible as well as offering more in-depth synthesis of the issues at the individual level. One of the additional ways in which we have attempted to make the information more accessible is to create pathways through the guidance to highlight particular key issues for those in various roles.