Demonstrator Platform

The FAME demonstrator is a simple, graphical software tool designed to support multi-agency partnerships in mapping out, visualising and developing a successful implementation strategy.

For example, whilst a service manager might like to see a workflow diagram, an IT Network Manager would prefer to see the network architecture. The FAME Demonstrator can be used to link these together in real-time. At the same time, it can also offer a strategic decision maker a top level view, mapping out the interactions between people, places and organisations.

The FAME Demonstrator has already been tried and tested, and has proved useful to a number of organisations aiming to improve their approach to multi-agency working, including Parliamentary ICT project; Durham Connects, NE Regional e-CAF co-ordinators group; Northumbria 101 Partnership and Newcastle City Council.

The Demonstrator can support a facilitator to dynamically present a complex multi-agency problem from the perspectives of practitioners and people in the 'real world'. Staff from different professional backgrounds can resolve how the process should work, helping system architects to design work flows and screen content. The Demonstrator is being developed in the context of Children’s Service Directories and Older Peoples services at home funded by the NE Regional Centre for Excellence (NECE). The demonstrator is also beginning to be used by others to look at issues in central government and e-science. The Demonstrator is available via the FAME community of practice. To join the FAME communities register via