FAME Tool Kit


FAME - Readiness Assessment Tool

This tool is designed to be used at the formative, preparatory stages of building a multi-agency service in your local authority or local partnership. It will give your local authority or local partnership an overall measure of where you are currently at in terms of implementing multi-agency working, highlighting areas of strength while mapping the areas of need to the specific sections of guidance from the FAME toolkit.

It concentrates on the issues that need to be taken into account to ensure the capability and capacity for a successful and sustainable FAME implementation within an overall approach to project and change management processes. The tool should be used within a facilitated representative group(s) setting. One such group may form the basis of the steering committee or partnership board of the initiative but it is important to recognise that FAME acts on all levels of the of the multi-agency network and it is likely that it should incorporate each of the following levels either separately or in the same setting as the facilitator agrees is appropriate:

  • Corporate Commissioning where the national imperatives towards multi-agency working will be interpreted
  • Service Delivery where bottom up pressures from practitioners will shape the initiative
  • Citizen/User groups who should participate in grounding the multi-agency process