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FAME Demonstrator is now available

FAME (the FrAmework for Multi-Agency Environments) is launching a new product, to extend their online toolkit for supporting multi-agency working and information sharing.

‘The Demonstrator' is a graphical software tool designed to support multi-agency partnerships in mapping out, visualising and developing a successful implementation strategy.

The FAME team are delighted to announce that the FAME Demonstrator is now available for all local authorities and partner organisations wishing to explore and develop solutions for joint working in complex environments, and the governance of shared service infrastructures and applications.

To find out more about the FAME Demonstrator, or to arrange a suitable time for a free demonstration and supportive consultation with the FAME team, you can contact the Gill Smith, FAME team by calling: 0191 277 7595.

Andrew De'Ath, Programme Manager, North East Connects explains more;

"The Demonstrator can help practitioners, managers, technicians and strategic decision makers to plan how to structure change before putting it into practice. It effectively plays out a scenario that can be explored from a number of different angles, before rushing into implementation.

For example, whilst a service manager might like to see a workflow diagram, an IT Network Manager would prefer to see the network architecture. The FAME Demonstrator will link these together in real-time. At the same time, it can also offer a strategic decision maker a top level view, mapping out the interactions between people, places and organisations."

The FAME Demonstrator has already been tried and tested by a number of organisations aiming to improve their approach to multi-agency working, including Durham Connects, Northumbria 101 Partnership and Newcastle City Council.

For example, Roger Vaughan, from Newcastle University 's Institute for Policy and Practice, has been working on information sharing within the public sector, especially in relation to the Every Child Matters agenda. He says the FAME Demonstrator is having a real impact; building a language bridge between practitioners, ICT System Designers and Partnership Managers;

"We have been using the FAME Demonstrator to show how a 'service-orientated architecture' enables practitioners to gather information, discuss and plan activity. With the consent of the service user, they can record actions across agency and geographical boundaries. The Demonstrator dynamically presents the problem from the perspectives of practitioners and people in the 'real world'. Staff from different professional backgrounds can resolve how the process should work, helping system architects to design work flows and screen content."

FAME is also working with Durham Connects to help them to develop Revenues and Benefits applications within the Government Connect environment. The FAME Demonstrator was used to produce simultaneous models to illustrate processes, workflows, and non-technical views. It helped to animate what happens in Revenue and Benefits applications when the local authorities interface with the Department of Works and Pensions (DWP) and other agencies, incorporating Government Connect's software.

The Demonstrator is also being used to support the development of the national 101 Single Non-Emergency Number (SNEN). This is a brand new non-emergency service number for citizens, which aims to relieve the pressure on 999 emergency calls by providing 24 hour access to police and local authority call centres for action and advice on community safety and anti-social behaviour related issues of a non-emergency nature.

Peter Coates, Project Manager for the Northumbria 101 Partnership developing the SNEN commented on how it offers support