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Record numbers visit the FAME website

Record numbers visit the FAME website looking for assistance in the development of multi-agency working, particularly within the area of Children’s Services.

FAME is leading the way in aiding services to implement multi-agency working. FAME has been successfully supporting many organisations and Local Authorities in information sharing. FAME has also seen increase in their use of their services in the past month and has been a vital instrument in helping a number of child organisations.

FAME, the Framework for Multi-Agency Environments, a national project supported by the ODPM, is providing support to help local authorities, their intermediaries and other public sector and voluntary organisations to effectively tackle issues of joint working and information sharing, in order to improve services to some of those who are most vulnerable or at risk.

This month FAME has seen more people access the FAME website ( each week than ever before with an average of 1,000 unique hits a week. The Readiness Assessment Tool has been downloaded more from an audience of all around the world. People are recognising that FAME is a refreshingly simple way for emerging or established partnerships to understand how to improve joint working within children’s services. Over the last month alone, FAME has seen well over 1000 more people accessing the website for the first time, including many child based services.

Children’s services is an area of public sector particularly known for it’s complexity in terms of multi-agency working, spanning local authority inter-departmental cross-over and covering many other organisations involved in healthcare, education and social services, relating to children.

FAME has recently supported the work of a number of voluntary sector organisations that work with children at risk, alongside the public sector, including Barnardo’s, FAME has been aiding them to address the challenges of developing multi-agency working and information sharing within their organisation.

Julie Moller, Assistant Director of Children’s Services for Barnardo’s North East, says; “The FAME team has supported us in the development of our thinking through our discussions with DfES and other organisations we work alongside, regarding the national child index and the local index in Gateshead and Newcastle.

Pat Cummins, also of Barnardo’s North East and Chair of the Gateshead/Newcastle Passport to Service project believes the Every Child Matters Agenda depends on agencies working together in the interest of children and families on the pooling of energy, knowledge and expertise to achieve better outcomes for children.

Pat believes FAME provides the framework in which these agencies can work together; “A federated model where agencies keep their own information and are able to share with appropriate regard for the client's wishes and with agreed protocols sounds a good deal more safe, rational and desirable than the most common picture of a huge database. This is the model which FAME helps people to see, understand and to work for together. It protects the innocent, it safeguards independence, and it enables that shared sense of better outcomes which is demanded by Every Child Matters.”

There is real urgency in this field at the moment, as people’s level of understanding of these issues is really low. The broad experience of the FAME team and their acknowledgement that these issues of multi-agency working are challenging, and the additional insight we have gained through using this framework of understanding, has been very valuable in our development as an organisation.”

Roger Vaughan, visiting professor of the Newcastle University Business School and a member of the FAME team<