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A new horizon for multi-agency working

FAME, the Framework for Multi-Agency Environments, is now entering a new phase. FAME, a National Project, supported by the ODPM, exists with the aim of benefiting Local Authorities through increasing partnership working.
Organisations and Authorities in the North East have been partnering together to develop FAME into a Programme we believe will deliver real, transformational benefits.

The FAME partnership is being developed in the North East, and is made up of North East Connects, the University of Newcastle, North East Centre of Excellence and Newcastle City Council. Each organisation offers an enormous amount of expertise within the field of multi-agency working. FAME is a vehicle to efficiently communicate learning on multi-agency shared working which is being developed within the North East, to benefit a far wider audience.

Rob Wilson, from the University of Newcastle, part of the FAME partnership, says of his determination to really drive FAME forward; “FAME is a set of guidance for those wrestling with multi-agency partnerships and the information sharing agenda. This is a tremendously exciting development and I am proud that the fruits of five years of research and development are on the verge of being available to the local government community and wider public sector.”

Julie Brown, North East Centre of Excellence, a member of the project core team and part of the FAME board believes FAME will have a number of positive outcomes. She says “Partnership working is a key feature of Local Authorities and will continue to permeate further. Partnership success doesn't happen by itself and I see FAME as a way of supporting the thinking, and development of partnership working in relation to information sharing.”

This final phase of FAME will see a set of multi-agency tools being produced which will set out the case for and support the implementation of a regional approach to information sharing infrastructures. FAME is positively building on the experiences gained from earlier phases of development.

Developments include the improvement of toolkit products which will be available and interactive on the website and a detailed new guidance on a FAME technical infrastructure. FAME is also particularly excited about the Readiness Assessment Tool (RAT) and the benefits it will deliver to local authorities and partner organisations.

Ray Ward, Head of City Service at Newcastle City Council, FAME’s Chair, has real ambitions for the future direction of FAME; “We are optimistic that FAME will produce better outcomes from multi-agency partnerships by practitioners sharing information with confidence and trust.”

Andrew De’Ath, Programme Manager at North East Connects has also been using FAME and believes it to be an essential tool in multi-agency working. He says; “It has been great to have the support of FAME on our doorstep, and we are making good use of it in our discussions about the future of joined-up transformational government.”

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