FAME Tool Kit

Financial Benefits Calculator Introductory Guide and Presenters Notes

We have created a Financial Benefits Calculator Introductory Guide which consists of 15 PowerPoint slides (with presenters’ notes). The Calculator itself is a spreadsheet comprising a number of linked worksheets. The worksheets are grouped around specific service areas, and at the set-up stage you can specify which service areas you are interested in exploring the financial costs and Benefits.

This Guide is aimed at those authorities seeking to develop multi-agency or cross departmental environments and seeking to establish the business case for change. It can be applied to either multi-agency, multi-service areas or a single service area in a single authority. Like our other FAME Guides, this calculator will provide you with an effective and fast tool to answer the ultimate question – “what if I want to do it this way, what’s it going to cost me?”

It has been written for a local authority or agency to present to colleagues, and you’ll find it most useful if you read the introductory notes prior to opening the slides, as we have added comments in there for the Presenter to follow.

Please read the Presenters' Notes prior to opening the Financial Benefits Introductory Guide as this will assist you.