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Shropshire - Integrated Mental Health

Val Banks

Val Banks Joint Project Manager

Liquidlogic’s Protocol application brings information together, allowing Mental Health professionals to have an up to date record of the patient’s details and history across agencies involved. The system has been designed and developed in close partnership with health and social care professionals to ensure both the functionality and the ‘look and feel’ of the application meets user requirements.

Subject to user profiles, secure access to specific levels of patient information is set, dependent on role and authority. Users can search for patient details, view their history and schedule actions for colleagues across multi-agencies e.g. to carry out an assessment.


  • Personal information and demographics – holds names, aliases, current and previous addresses and contact numbers.
  • Referral profiles – lists when referrals have been made, by whom, to whom.
  • Assessment profiles – contains a history of patient assessments.
  • Care plans – objectives, interventions and outcomes, CPA status.
  • Service packages – services that have been or are currently being provided.
  • Reviews – prompting to review, upcoming reviews and previous reviews.
  • Hospital events – day and in-patient admission dates, services provided.
  • Messaging option – to send notes/images to other system/agency users.
  • Flexibility – can be adapted to work from any Health/SC system or related web services. Also able to integrate with GP or other hospital agency software.
  • Secure log-on – high levels of security for access, including audit trail facility to monitor individual usage.

Based on our experience in the health industry, Liquidlogic advise how best the solution can be deployed to incorporate any number of partner organisations, regardless of existing data systems, which can easily be configured to reflect agreed workflow processes and information sharing. 

Liquidlogic works with each organisation to design a solution to interact with partner systems and agencies. The system acts as a method of displaying and recording key information on patients in an effective and efficient manner, allowing this to be shared by specific users with secure IDs.