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Karen Morrison

Karen Morrison, IRT Project Manager

The FAME ISA system aims to improve the way agencies working with children and young people share information and work together for better outcomes for children. It is designed to allow practitioners to search for a child and establish if they are known to other agencies. They can view the information that they have permission to see in a one window composite screen that highlights discrepancies between agency information and shows contact details of other practitioners working with the child. They can see if other agencies have raised concerns and if required they can raise their own concerns. 

The system supports the raising of concerns via a flexible concern model and manages the consent to share. If it is decided that further action with a child is necessary, then the system manages the appointment of a lead professional, the assignment of a vulnerability level and the setting up of family support and review meetings.

Security is designed to be highly granular down to an individual field level and can also be controlled by data and the status of an individual within an intervention, for instance a lead professional can automatically be given additional security privileges for the child he is responsible for the duration of the intervention. When the intervention finishes the lead's security privileges are removed.

Although roles can be reallocated during an intervention the system ensures that someone is always responsible for a child and no role can be given up before the new individual has agreed to take it on thus "joining the cracks between services"

In readiness for the common assessment framework a multi-agency assessment is available within the system but only available to suitably authorised staff.  

Where a child is decided to be ‘in need’ or possibly the subject of child protection enquiries then the system has the ability to refer to social services where they will be monitored on a multi-agency basis by the Integrated Children's System (ICS).