FAME Strand Products

Integrated HB - Bromley

Housing Benefits Inter-working

London Borough of Bromley

Strand AIMS

The main aim of this strand is to support Central Government targets for housing stock transfers though meeting needs for joined up service delivery to housing and benefits service clients.

Focus areas for the strand include:

  • joining-up benefits administration
  • liaison with voluntary services
  • multi-agency approaches to services across local authority housing and social care client functions, RSL’s, benefits service client units and benefits service contractors;
  • including the matching of requirements with vacancies,
  • carrying out appropriate checks for suitability of accommodation status checks for benefits.

Key benefits from this project strand will include:

  • Reducing the complexity and inefficiencies of benefit and housing administration for the citizen and administration bodies.
  • Promoting better housing and benefit services and better outcomes for citizens.
  • Providing a common approach to benefits and housing administration information and its exchange
  • Showing how local government departments and other agencies can work across traditional boundaries and develop a common approach
  • Demonstrating a simple, secure, flexible and cost-effective means of delivering a re-useable model aligned to standards, technology and relevant legislation on confidential data and human rights.
  • Developing a blueprint roadmap and toolkit of standards that can be replicated by other local authorities in the arena.

Products and Deliverables

  • Business Requirements
  • Process maps for the common services
  • Information sharing Protocols
  • Business Case
  • Technical Statement of Requirements
  • A roadmap that defines the solution for a multi-agency approach to common services in the area of Housing Benefits
  • A roadmap including implementation and change management
  • Local and evaluation