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West Yorkshire - Child Protection

Mark Ayres

Mark Ayres Assistant Director of Social Services

Liquidlogic has been working with partners in Child Protection to build a system to support inter agency working. All parties involved - Social Services, Health, Education and the Police - will have a real time view of exactly what contact has taken place with whom, what information has been gathered and what actions have been taken by the individual parties. Vitally, events or actions in any partner organisation with resonance elsewhere can be immediately and securely communicated.

Liquidlogic’s Protocol software provides the software framework to allow the implementation of the protocols agreed between agencies, and also provides the technology to allow agencies to communicate reliably and securely across the Internet.

The system acts by exchanging messages between the various agencies involved. This allows the agencies to maintain control of the data they are sharing, and the way in which it is used. It also creates an audit trail of what transactions are taking place, and provides a means to provide feedback to the practitioners on the progress of requests.

The system provides practitioners with a real-time view of exactly what is taking place, with knowledge of enquiries made and actions taken in a specified case across agencies. Events or actions in any partner organisation with resonance elsewhere can be immediately and securely communicated. Escalation procedures ensure that nothing gets ignored and sophisticated workflow management prevents actions dropping between agencies.

Rather than trying to achieve compatibility between the various agencies’ disparate computer systems, the system has a generic interface to relevant agency databases. Computerised protocols ensure that access is limited to authorised personnel and that only the relevant data can be retrieved. Agencies are connected via the Internet using NHSIA compliant network security.

The system also brings together information that on its own may not appear significant but when viewed in entirety may indicate a serious risk. For example, separate queries about a particular child or sibling within a given period of time, teacher concerns and incidents of domestic violence in the home would paint a more serious picture when viewed together. The system helps identify these linkages promoting earlier, informed interventions.  


  • Provides an electronic tracking system that records who carried out what action and when
  • Anyone making an authorised enquiry can see a child’s current registration status
  • Enquirers can see details of previous enquiries and whether a child is already known to social services
  • Enables enquirers to see if they were known to social services in any other linked authority
  • Enables the enquirer to track the progress of the case and access contact details for the current social/key worker.